Ex Army Man Bharat Verma Interview Meray Mutabiq

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Capt. (R) Bharat Verma is the editor of Indian Defence Review. A quarterly journal read by leading policy makers at senior bureaucratic, political and military levels, the IDR is renowned as the “most-quoted Indian defence publication”. Last night he was on air with Dr. Shahid Masood in his programme “Meray Mutabiq”. Dr. Shahid Masood was asking his views on the recent Mumbai blasts. Unfortunately, Capt. Bharat showed a very aggresive attitude which cannot be appreciated at all. He said that it was planned by the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and they sent their trained guys to Mumbai for creating terror. Dr. Shahid Masood pointed out that India showed too much hassle in raising fingure towards Pakistan without any proper evidence but Capt. (R) Bharat insisted on this baseless statement. He showed very angry attitude against Pakistan and said that India must have taken strict action against Pakistan to avoid such attacks.

I felt sad on hearing views of a so called journalist who is also a retired Army personnel. However, his two statements were very much true that were like a shame for us. he told that in India no Chief Justice has been slained ever like in Pakistan. Similarly, he added that US can attack in Pakistani areas anytime but not in India.

Our Pakistani Government must consider these points very seriously, and restore Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry without any further delay. Similarly Government must talk to US in a strong tone to stop these attacks, due to which now our neighbouring country India is making joke of us.

Indian Government should carry out full unbiast investigation and then blame Pakistan if we are found guilty, which we are not as I believe. Pakistan is itself facing terrorism due to the US created WAR ON TERROR. It cannot play such politics at this critical time.

Bombay Under Attack

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai (Bombay) is one of the biggest cities in the world. On 26th November it experienced the worst situation in its history when unknown terrorists opened fire at many places including the Central Train Station of Mumbai and occupied two main hotels, named as Obroy Hotel and Taj Hotel where hundreds of foreign nationals were staying.

The terrorists made them hostages and exchanged firing with the Army squades. More than 140 innocent people lost their lives in these brutal attacks. Indian Army and police have almost controlled the situation by now and it is said that some of the terrorists have been captured, whereas others lost their lives after exchange of firing from both sides.

Its indeed a highly condemnable act and every sensible human being will speak against such actions by the enemies of the humanity. poet has written a touching poem on this sad incident. The poem is in Urdu text so we appologise to those who cannot read Urdu.

Amazing Pakistan




Pakistan Tank Expoert To Other Country

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Defence Minister Ch.Ahmed Mukhtar has said that the successful inauguration of the Fifth IDEAS-2008 will bolster our defence industry and pave the way to project the better image of the country. He stated this while visiting the maneuvers of indigenous built AI-Khalid, Zarar and Saad Main Battle Tanks at EXPO-Centre Karachi here Wednesday.
The Defence Minister said Pakistan has achieved the technical know-how to build indigenously the Main Battle Tanks - AI-Khalid AI-Zarar and APCs according to international standards and the nation feels proud by the untiring work of our scientists, technicians, engineers to make possible the country self sufficient in the field of defence.
It is hoped that by next year Pakistan will export these tanks to other countries to earn foreign exchange, he added.

The Minister held a meetIng with Chinese and Tanzanian officials at Expo center and discussed bilateral issues to promote interaction among respective defence industries.

Later, addressing a press conference he said that IMF loan is not tied to cut our defence budget but we will promote our defence industry and make it competitive in the realm of sophisticated technology.

Dr Shahid Masood Back To GEO Tv

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Unfortunately there are some persons who just live for money. Dr. Shahid Masood, a well known TV anchor, is also one of them. He earned a good repute from his programme Meray Mutabiq, which was telecast from GEO TV. he was famous for his statements against General Musharraf and other culprits. Later, he shook hand with General Musharraf and joined state owned TV channel PTV as its Managing Director. Pakistani people were shocked to hear this news.

Some days back, he resigned from PTV and joined PPP government as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. After a few days of his joining, he resigned from this position.
Now GEO TV is showing clips of his programme Meray Mutabiq and informing that Dr. Shahid Masood is coming back to GEO with this programme very soon. This is indeed an immature act by Dr. Masood. He has lost his reputation as it seems that he is interesting only in money making by jumping here and there. Let us see that now what he says in his first programme.

Parveen Shakir - Beautiful and talented female poet

Monday, November 24, 2008

Urdu poetry is just incomplete without the poetry of Parveen Shakir (1952-1994). She can be considered as the best female poet in the history of Urdu literature. Parveen Shakir was born in Karachi on 24th November, 1952. She held MA degrees in English Literature and Linguistics from University of Karachi. She taught as a teacher at University of Karachi and Trinity College, USA for 9 years before joining the Pakistan Civil Service, where she served in the Customs department. In 1986, she was appointed Second Secretary, CBR in Islamabad. In 1991, she did her Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University in 1991.

In her life, she printed five collections of her poetry that are Khushboo (1976), Sad-barg (1980), Khud-kalaami (1990), Inkaar (1990) and Maah-e-Tamaam (1994).

Her first book, Khushboo, won the Adamjee Award. Later she was awarded the Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan.

In 1994, she died in a car accident at age 42 in Islamabad. Pakistan will always remember her as a national heroine.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Laagi Tum Se Munn Ki Lagan’ (لاگی تم سے من کی لگن), ‘Bol Halkay Halkay’ (بول ہلکے ہلکے), ‘Oh Re Piya’ (او رے پیا), and ‘Jiya Dharrak Dharrak’ (جیا دھڑک دھڑک) are the songs that make people move their feet and swing their heads. These beautifully composed melodies have the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of the Music King, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Rahat was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan in 1974. His music trainer was none other than Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Rahat sang many qawalies with his uncle. He got recognition during Nusrat’s lifetime, however after his death Rahat has gone a far ahead. He is trying his best to prove himself as Nusrat’s next kin in the field of music. Bollywood film directors soon recognised this diamond and now he has been singing for their movies.

Rahat has a genuine voice of his own and he sings the songs using vibrato which has been very instrumental in his success. He has a very good command on tone and pitch. Besides, he can sing equally good at high and low notes. He is dedicated to promote qawali, which is the Muslims’ special kind of music. We wish him a very good future in the highly competitive music world and hope that he will prove himself as second Nusrat Fateh Ali khan.

Early in The Morning Lahore

Friday, November 21, 2008
Today’s picture of the day. Or night, should I say? Rizwan my mate, took this picture just before the Fajr. He’d been eyeing this woman for some time now; caught her off guard today! Thankfully borrowed for lahore. And yes, he suggested the title too! *wink*
Lahore, as I know, has become the biggest center/supplier of churs in the country. I’d been told by a Pathan driver some time back that now even FATA imports churs from Lahore. Ulti ganga, I assume. And one of the biggest adda of such activities is Shah Jamal’s Shrine where even Police stand guard to such feloniess. I witnessed chursi’s at Madhu Lal Hussain’s Shrine myself on the Urs this year, sitting on the graves and doing.. well, you can stimulate your imagination!

Picture Of The Day

Pakistan’s efforts to get loan!

Environment Corner: Water conservation

Water is the main source of life. Even our bodies contain more than 80% water in their composition. Allah has been ver kind on us for providing this precious thing underground so that we can extract and use it. Unfortunately, we forget to use it in a safe manner so that our coming generations cannot suffer from water scarcity.

Due to free availability of water, people take it as for granted. They waste lot of water during these everyday practices:
1. Brushing of teeth

2. Taking the bath

3. Washing their cars and planting the grassy lawns

4. Performing wadoo (wazoo)

5. Washing of floors

Due to these practices major cities in the world are now facing water scarcity. In Pakistan Quetta, Karachi and Lahore are the major cities, where groundwater has gone deep with the time and in some areas, water quality is very poor due to the pollution. Water pollution is a different topic that I will discuss later sometime. However we can take following measures fro water conservation:

1. Use minimum water in brushing the teeth. Close the tap when you are pasting your teeth.

2. Instead of using shower while taking the bath, prefer to use bucket full with water and the tap must be kept closed unless you need more water.

3. Try to clean the cars with the help of wet cloth and a bucket of water. Avoid using the running pipe.

4. Washing of floors can be done with little water using a wiper.

5. Tap must be kept half opened while performing the wadoo (wazoo).
6. Never ever leave pipe opened in the grassy lawns. Use minimum water and close the tap immediately after watering. Better option is to use a bucket.
I am hopeful that all readers will follow these guidelines to make this world a better place for our coming generations. Otherwise next World War will be fought for water

TV commercials of 80’s

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Today I remembered some TV ads of 80’s that were shown on PTV. These ads were so beautifully concepted and shot that even today I enjoy remembering them. In 80’s Coca Cola and Pepsi made some very nice ads that introduced new sports in Pakistan.

Pepsi frisbee ad ! Coke football ad
Pepsi is the company that has credit of introducing frisbee in Pakistan for the 1st time. Their ad showed youngsters playing frisbee. The ad had a jingle ‘You are the Pepsi generation……Come on come on come on and have a Pepsi day’. This ad got great popularity and within days frisbee became a very popular sport in Pakistan.

Coca Cola has always been a competitor of Pepsi. How could they allow Pepsi to rule alone…. They prepared a very beautiful ad in which young children were shown playing football. The jingle was ‘Coke is it…Coca Cola is it’. This ad also got very popular.

Other interesting ad was of a powder milk ‘Safety’ in which children were shown in racing cars and a child who drinks Safety Milk wins the race. Similarly ad of drink ‘Naurus’ became very popular with its main line ‘Bhool naa jana phir papa..Naurus lay ker ghar aana.

Punjab Law Minister exposes pictures of Governor Taseer family

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
The ongoing battle between the Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer and the PML-N led Punjab Government entered into a new phase yesterday when Rana Sana Ullah (law minister of Punjab) showed some controvercial pictures of Governor and his family members to the press people, in which they have been shown doing non-Islamic acts in the Governor House and other places. These pictures are available on the internet and people are exchanging them through emails. Rana Sana Ullah said that it was shameful that if a poor man drunk alcohol he would be punished, but Governor and his family were doing such acts openly in the Governor House and they must have been brought to the trial for doing so. Later PPP leaders expressed their anger over this act. They warned that they could also expose PML-N leadership if such acts of insulting the leaders would continue.

Its really sad for us that our so called leaders are involved in such practices. I also have seen these pictures, however I am not putting them here as this forum is not made to expose someone’s personal life. But I was shocked to see the pictures as the whole family of Mr. Salman Taseer is shown in these pictures doing objectionable acts. On the other side PPP leaders claim that it has been done by using Photoshop or other picture editing software. Allah knows the best.