Dr Shahid Masood Back To GEO Tv

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Unfortunately there are some persons who just live for money. Dr. Shahid Masood, a well known TV anchor, is also one of them. He earned a good repute from his programme Meray Mutabiq, which was telecast from GEO TV. he was famous for his statements against General Musharraf and other culprits. Later, he shook hand with General Musharraf and joined state owned TV channel PTV as its Managing Director. Pakistani people were shocked to hear this news.

Some days back, he resigned from PTV and joined PPP government as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. After a few days of his joining, he resigned from this position.
Now GEO TV is showing clips of his programme Meray Mutabiq and informing that Dr. Shahid Masood is coming back to GEO with this programme very soon. This is indeed an immature act by Dr. Masood. He has lost his reputation as it seems that he is interesting only in money making by jumping here and there. Let us see that now what he says in his first programme.


Anonymous said...

what kind of a lame argument is that? for money are you insane , if he had eyes on money , why the hell he want to resign as a Adviser to PM?

Even on PTV he done what no one had done before , yes I am talking about true "Audit". Its very clear that people with naive thinking like you, will blame any person with zeal and vision of Shahid Masood.

Nadia khan said...

I think he is a great person.
But God know better.

muhammed israr said...

muhammed israr from peshawar

she is the one of the greatest and talented women and i pray for her