Environment Corner: Water conservation

Friday, November 21, 2008
Water is the main source of life. Even our bodies contain more than 80% water in their composition. Allah has been ver kind on us for providing this precious thing underground so that we can extract and use it. Unfortunately, we forget to use it in a safe manner so that our coming generations cannot suffer from water scarcity.

Due to free availability of water, people take it as for granted. They waste lot of water during these everyday practices:
1. Brushing of teeth

2. Taking the bath

3. Washing their cars and planting the grassy lawns

4. Performing wadoo (wazoo)

5. Washing of floors

Due to these practices major cities in the world are now facing water scarcity. In Pakistan Quetta, Karachi and Lahore are the major cities, where groundwater has gone deep with the time and in some areas, water quality is very poor due to the pollution. Water pollution is a different topic that I will discuss later sometime. However we can take following measures fro water conservation:

1. Use minimum water in brushing the teeth. Close the tap when you are pasting your teeth.

2. Instead of using shower while taking the bath, prefer to use bucket full with water and the tap must be kept closed unless you need more water.

3. Try to clean the cars with the help of wet cloth and a bucket of water. Avoid using the running pipe.

4. Washing of floors can be done with little water using a wiper.

5. Tap must be kept half opened while performing the wadoo (wazoo).
6. Never ever leave pipe opened in the grassy lawns. Use minimum water and close the tap immediately after watering. Better option is to use a bucket.
I am hopeful that all readers will follow these guidelines to make this world a better place for our coming generations. Otherwise next World War will be fought for water