Early in The Morning Lahore

Friday, November 21, 2008
Today’s picture of the day. Or night, should I say? Rizwan my mate, took this picture just before the Fajr. He’d been eyeing this woman for some time now; caught her off guard today! Thankfully borrowed for lahore. And yes, he suggested the title too! *wink*
Lahore, as I know, has become the biggest center/supplier of churs in the country. I’d been told by a Pathan driver some time back that now even FATA imports churs from Lahore. Ulti ganga, I assume. And one of the biggest adda of such activities is Shah Jamal’s Shrine where even Police stand guard to such feloniess. I witnessed chursi’s at Madhu Lal Hussain’s Shrine myself on the Urs this year, sitting on the graves and doing.. well, you can stimulate your imagination!


Me-Me King said...

I really like this photo...so unsuspecting. Nice job!